Can I use your comics or videos  for my classroom, project, or personal use?

All content on sciencescenes.com and sciencescenes.net is copyright of sciencescenes. However, as of July 2013, all content created by Mr. Rauen for ScienceScenes.com will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License. You can use and make copies of all content, but you must give Mr. Rauen at ScienceScenes.com credit. You can use the content for all non-commercial ventures (meaning you can’t sell my stuff for money), but you must release your updated content using the same Creative Commons License.


I have a great suggestion for your blog/site/video/webcomic.

That’s a statement; not a question. But if you do have a suggestion, you can email me here: suggestions@sciencescenes.com.

Can you help me with my science homework?

You can try asking me the question at questions@sciencescenes.com. If I find the topic interesting, I might include the question in a future webcomic or video. Keep in mind I have a full-time job. Sciencescenes.com is a hobby. Even though content production is highly enjoyable, it is very time-consuming. Do not expect a prompt reply.

Who are you?

I am a chemist turned high school science teacher. I have completed a graduate program in organic chemistry, and am working on a graduate degree in teaching Biology. If you count teaching assistantships, tutoring, and museum volunteer work, I have over 14 years education experience.

I have a wife, a daughter, a son and a dog. They keep me sane and make me laugh.

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